Initiative #1
Health & Wellness.

Women of color suffer from stress-related illnesses and diseases. A culture of bottling emotions and suppressing negative energy has plagued women of color for generations, ultimately affecting their overall health, well-being and self-worth.

Ghood Girl’s first initiative will be a program aimed at women of color to help them incorporate a habitual routine of self care through yoga practice.

While the initiative will be designed around the physical, emotional and social construct for women of color, all women who can relate to struggling to balance self-health and everyday stresses will benefit from this initiative.


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How much does the music that we listen to affect our moods, influence our choices and shape our thought patterns? According to recent studies, A LOT!

As an extension of our Health and Wellness initiative, Ghood Girl™ Music specializes in playlist, music curation dedicated to millennial women.  A bi-weekly playlist curated by our Music Editor will be featured for free on our streaming account via Spotify. Listen, FOR FREE, to music handcrafted and tailored with your favorite and new artists by the women at Ghood Girl™. 

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