Lica Mishelle is a 23 year old Charlotte, NC native. She works as a creative, specializing in video production and multimedia marketing. She believes in balance, love for all mankind and unity and believes that these things are essential in any business or workplace. Her motto is “business is personal.”

Read below to get more insight on the values that shaped Ghood Girl!

Why did you create Ghood Girl?

I’ve always felt that for young black women, we’ve been forced to fit a persona that society is comfortable with. This story is true for most minorities of color, but I feel is especially true for women of color. We grow up with a double-consciousness about the world, that it values other cultures and ideals over our own. And ultimately we are left to make a choice; conform and assimilate to the norms that society is most comfortable and apt to deal with, or be outcast and labeled as “ghetto,” “hood,” or “too black” because of the values and natural-born qualities that makes us who we are.

Simply because of where we come from, it’s assumed that we cannot, or should not, be able to accomplish good and great things. That is why Ghood Girl exists. To prove everyone who thinks that, that they are wrong.

I can be who I am, like what I like, act how I was raised to and still do whatever I set my mind to. There isn’t a limit to what good a person can do just because it doesn’t fit a socially-approved construct.

Why is service the core of your business model?

Because the brand is ALIVE. What we do is what we sell and what we sell is what we do. Our products drive our service projects and initiatives because without our actions to back up what we say we believe and stand for, we’re just another fashion brand, another company saying what we believe , but not doing what we believe. We are what we do.

Additionally, I just want to see change. We can shop for nice things all day long, but it won’t change the things that really matter to us. Our communities, our present livelihood and the livelihoods of future generations. We have an obligation to better their lives just as much as past generations had an obligation to better ours. So why not shop and make a difference at the same time? Why not support a business that actually makes efforts towards the same things you care about? That’s how it should be.

Why do you believe business is personal?

Because business is about people. People run businesses, people are the businesses, people are the consumers. People are a collective group of individual persons. So it’s inescapable. Business is personal because its about the people.