About Us

Hello, We are Ghood Girl.


Ghood Girl is a retail brand dedicated to you embracing, and being authentically, YOU. We create apparel and home goods that reflect the values and culture of the times. The best part, is that we use our profits not only to help run our business, but also to implement creative service projects and initiatives important to our community;especially those issues affecting the lives of girls and women of color.


Ghood Girl’s number one goal is to use our business as a cyclical platform for social change. We work hard to deliver unique apparel items that you will love. In turn, a portion of your purchase helps fund Ghood Girl initiatives and service projects that benefits the community. Check out our initiatives page to keep up with our current and future focuses.

“Embracing where we come from and our cultural upbringing is an asset and not a setback that we need to disassociate ourselves from.”

Lica Mishelle
C.E.O & Founder



[goo d]

adjective and/or noun

  1. derived from a merge of “good” and “hood”, usually referring to a state or condition of the authentic, unique and morally excellent

We believe that business and the purpose of work should be about making a difference. We are not what we sell, we are what we do; and we do ghood.

Ghood Girl was founded to paint a more accurate, vibrant picture of millennial women of color. Mainstream media has painted black culture negatively in many aspects; narrating our story and often times degrading the value of what it means to be black. How we are raised and the values and characteristics that make us who we are don’t need to be minimized in order for us to be accepted, succeed or do well in life.

There is beauty in being black and beauty in being raised on the values that makes us who we are. Whatever our backgrounds may be, it does not define what we can be or achieve. No matter what, it’s all ghood.

“There is beauty in being black. There is beauty in being raised black, and Ghood Girl embraces that.”

Lica Mishelle
C.E.O & Founder